In case you still remember the colossal 13-inch Digital Paper tablet of Sony, which was much like a ginormous Kindle which you could also write on– we have some good news for you. Sony is once again looking back to this unique device and is making some significant improvements in order to revive it.

The new Digital Paper tablet is called  DPT-RP1 and will replace its earlier version  DPTS1, bagging in some considerable new updates which you may well appreciate. The new display screen, which hosts E Ink’s Mobius display tech, has been upgraded from 1200×1600 to 1650×2200, which will make the characters more legible now (206 DPI). However, this increase does not make any compromise with the battery life, and like other fine e-paper displays, the device too has a backup of around a week or two.

The touchscreen layer has also undergone some sophisticated improvements along with the texture of the surface. Certainly the e-book displays are not very responsive, so any upgrade on that front is embraced. The device comes a pre-enabled note taking and annotation features, which is new to the device.

Also, the paint on the hardware is very fresh and alluring. The device is roughly of the same weight as its predecessor although, the design is much more cleaner and features slightly thinner bezels, which gives it a more stylish look.

The one thing however that still remains constant about the device is that it is is pretty expensive.The device will require you to shell out $700.

The product will face competition from convertible computers like the Surface series and upstart e-paper products like reMarkable, however, the brand name of Sony can drive it for some distance any day. It is still to be deduced whether these devices could be of any good use in the office environment.

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