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The best thing with data is that it can help you reach conclusions you weren’t even setting out to reach in the first place. Foursquare, which tracks location data for users. collects a lot of it every day, and it has now come up to some conclusions using that data.

Foursquare has predicted that the number of international travelers t the US has dropped of by a significant bit over the past year. The company says that the decline in US’s share of international tourism started dropping in October last year. It fell by almost 6 percent year-over-year and in March, it was as ow as -16 percent.

The company also said that it did not believe there were any signs of recovery.

You have to stop and consider the fact that these numbers are not entirely accurate. Why? Well, Foursquare considers business and Leisure travel and to do this, it focused on when people made stops at popular venues and locations. What this means, is that instead of looking at the data from hotels and so on, Foursquare focused on the data from museums, restaurants and so on.

As fat as the reasons behind this decline are concerned, well, the first factor would of course be the newly elected US president Donald Trump. Apart from being friendly, he has been downright hostile with the idea of foreign citizens coming to America — at least from certain countries. So, this could have put some users off.

Also, with the increase in dollars’ value, the US has become a more expensive place over the past few months. This trend could well have translated in user behavior as well. The popularity of other world destinations on the other hand. increased by up to 10 percent, for business travel.

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