GainX, the up and coming pioneer in innovation strategy management made an announcement regarding plans for a strategic partnership with Microsoft, aimed at better assisting financial services organizations to manage their innovation and digital transformation strategies.

Built on Microsoft Azure, the GainX innovation strategy management platform leverages powerful artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral analytics allowing banks to bring all innovation resources, ideas, research, initiatives, and partnerships into view, accurately measure their innovation capacity against competitors, and establish a repeatable process for innovation. With the knowledge gained from the GainX platform, financial services companies can smoothly and repeatedly move from idea to market impact and quantifiably measure return on innovation investment (ROII).

Currently, a member of the Microsoft Accelerator London’s Cohort 7, GainX’s collaboration with Microsoft began in March 2017. Started to scale its business and penetrate the global market, the two companies are now doing business with numerous Fortune 500 financial services industry companies.

GainX plans to make Microsoft Azure its preferred cloud platform through this partnership. With Azure, GainX is assured of a trusted, global cloud and a powerful data platform for intelligent services, which includes comprehensive machine learning and cognitive capabilities with Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite and SQL Server. In turn, Microsoft will make GainX its preferred partner for innovation strategy management. Warwick Hill, CEO in Residence and Managing Director of Microsoft Accelerator London, said:

GainX, enabled by Microsoft Azure, provides financial services companies with Cloud-enabled intelligence allowing them to move to a more empirical model of ROII calculation. We are incredibly excited about the potential this company offers our enterprise financial services customers.

GainX and Microsoft plan to work together with leading financial services companies to assist them in envisioning and implementing the integrated solutions. Owing to this, it will enable the companies’ mutual customers to harness their data for critical innovation and digital transformation insights and predictions, to boost innovation strategy, get rid of roadblocks, as well as obstacles to the ROII. Angelique Mohring, CEO of GainX, said:

The majority of financial services innovators are struggling with visibility, digital strategy execution and employee resistance to change, which impedes agility. They need to see that their innovation spending is yielding real market impact. We are honoured to be able to draw upon Microsoft’s technology, support and resources to bring our transformative technology to financial services companies in the UK and around the globe.

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