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At least that is what Elon Musk tweeted today, while giving out minute details on the upcoming Autopilot updates set to arrive to Tesla cars. The focus, as could well be interpreted from Musk’s tweet and Tesla’s more recent upgrades, suggest a more fluid, smoother ride while the autonomous highway driving system is engaged.

Musk tweeted this Monday night, hinting that the update might arrive anytime in early June. Here’s his tweet :

The new update revolves around the controlling algorithm, which makes sure that the car accelerates and brakes well while the autonomous highway driving system is engaged. This basically translates to less cramped up rides, and lesser jerks — discomforts which you generally wouldn’t like while driving your car on a highway.

While this autopilot update comes to Tesla, this also sets the tone well for the larger autonomous vehicle technology. All the autonomous driving tests and scheduled roll-outs are squarely focused on one specific thing — make the drive as human as possible. Now while that does seem to be a distant reality, considering the sheer permutations of manoeuvrability a human mind can think of in numerous situations, we can still achieve some sense of perfection in highway driving at least.

More so, what is even more important to understand here, is the fact that even the current Tesla autonomous solutions (or any other ones out the re in the US) need road testing in conditions not so US like, specially in densely populated countries like India.

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