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On stage at its hardware-focused event organized in Shanghai, Microsoft finally announced an upgraded iteration of its original Surface Pro lineup after nearly two years. Falling in line with speculations, the hybrid has shed its numbering and continues to live on simply as the Surface Pro. It packs a lot of iterative hardware and software changes, being dubbed as ‘meaningful’ by the creator of the Surface products.

We may have been fed rumors about the new Surface Pro being just a version change over the previous Surface Pro 4, the device is actually packing 800 custom new parts. This kicks off with the processor, the driver of the computer, which has been upgraded to the latest Intel seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors — Core m3, i5, and i7 models. Out of these three, the first two models have been given the fanless treatment, whereas the third still retains it.

This internal upgrade has been coupled with Redmond’s Windows 10 operating system has pushed the battery life to a massive 13.5 hours as compared to the previous 9 hours. This is a notable increase and Microsoft says that the new Surface Pro’s battery will have a longer lifespan — about 50 percent more than the current offerings. The same has been described in the official blog post as under:

This is a powerhouse laptop with 2.5 times more computing performance than the Surface Pro 3 and 1.7 times the compute [power] of the iPad Pro.

The design of this Surface Pro continues to resemble the Surface Pro 4 but certain hardware improvements such as a more flexible and bendable hinge. It has been inspired by the company’s huge Surface Studio touchscreen computer, designed for creatives and it now has a full 165-degree range of motion. This feature is called Studio Mode (shown in the image attached above) and enables you to immerse in writing, sketching and other creative activity on the go.

Microsoft doesn’t have many new hardware features to show off in this Surface Pro, thus, it is boasting about the lightweight and sleek construction of the device. Panos Panay, the corporate VP of the Surface and Windows Devices Group, said that the Surface Pro will start at just 1.7lbs and 8.5mm thin — weighing less than even the bag you use to carry it.

Surface Pro is not only softer acoustically, it’s also visually softer. Our cameras are designed to fade into the bezel giving Surface Pro an inviting, sleek, and streamlined look.

The display has also been given a much-needed upgrade with the introduction of 12.3-inch PixelSense Display, which is touted to have about 50 percent more pixels than the MacBook in the same range. A custom silicon chip has been integrated into the device and it enhances colors displayed on this 267 ppi and 3:2 aspect ratio screen. This is coupled with advanced LTE, a very significant choice for the upgrade. It even supports the latest Windows Ink, Office improvements, and the beautiful Surface Dial.

This is a substantial change according to Microsoft and is expected to be made available to the masses later today. Starting with 26 markets, the pre-orders for the Surface Pro are now open. The device will start shipping and land in the hands of the users on June 15. Surface Pro lineup starts at $799 but you will have to shell out another $129 (minimum) for a Type cover and $99 for the new Surface Pen.

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