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Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages have come a long way. What started as a way to speed up new websites, is now being widely adopted by mainstream websites all over he page. Today, the technology powers billions of pages and hundreds of thousands of websites. Google is now deploying AMP deeper within its own systems and is starting to use the tech to power some of its core businesses.

By core businesses, we mean core money makers. That is advertising and search. Google today announced that folks who use Adwords wil now be able to direct people clicking on their ads to AMP landing pages. What this means, is that the page you land on by clicking on an ad will load faster.

The company also announced that it was now automatically converting all Google display Network advertisements into AMP Ads formats. The feature is already available in beta and means a remarkable decrease in the time taken to load. Indeed, AMP ads loaded as much as 5 seconds faster. This means that even if your target was merely sifting through the page, there would be a good chance that the AMP ad would be loaded and would catch is sight — as opposed to a regular ad which might still be loading while the target clicks another link.

Google also said that engagement rates have definitely improved while using AMP pages. Speaking on the topic, Paul Ortmayer, Head of Digital Analytics – EMEA for Johnson & Johnson, said

Johnson & Johnson has seen great results in testing AMP with our product information pages. For specific pages, we’ve seen page speeds improve by 10x and engagement rates improve by 20%. J&J is looking forward to expanding our application of AMP.

Along with eBay and Toll Brothers, Johnson and Johnson is one of the early partners for Google’s AMP program.

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