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Google’s YouTube TV video service was announced last month and it brought in apps for iPhone and iPad. However, Apple TV was pointedly ignored. The company is now rectifying the situation and while an app for the Apple TV is still not available, the updated version of YouTube TV’s iOS app brings support for Apple’s AirPlay feature on iOS.

AirPlay as you must be aware of it, allows you to stream audio/video from an iOS device to an Apple TV that is connected on the same Wi-Fi network. It is not a very elegant solution perhaps, but it works.

This particular workaround is not new, and Google is not the first company to have come upon the bright idea. Amazon has not gotten around to introducing an app for Apple TV (though that may change as soon as next month) and this is exactly how Amazon Prime Video subscribers broadcasted videos from their iPad/iPhone onto the Apple TV.

So the long and short of the mater is that, you can use the YouTube TV app to broadcast content to Apple TV using the iPhone and iPad devices. YouTube TV could eventually bring in a direct app for Apple TV but until then, this is how you can enjoy content on your TV.

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