Microsoft has launched a brand new service that will allow businesses to create FAQ bots for customers. These bots can then be used to answer all the questions a customer may have on his mind, from inside the Bing search result page itself.

So here is how it works: You open the Bing Business Bot service and it asks you a bunch of questions about your business. You answer them including questions like parking location, provisions made for the differently abled and so on. Once you do, the bot will now be able to answer questions put to it regarding your business by using a combination of data from Bing Places business listing data, and the answers you have just submitted.

In case the bot gets asked a question that takes it for a loop, it will forward that question to the business owner and remember the answer for future reference. So basically, the bot’s knowledge and its ability to answer questions about your business will only keep increasing with time.

For reasons of its own, Microsoft has made the service available only to restaurants. However, the company has promised to expand its reach to other businesses as well.

For businesses, this will mean an easy and surefire way to enhance their online presence with the least complications. Every time someone searches for your business, he or she will be brought face to face (in a manner of speaking) with your bot and this will increase your brand presence. For Microsoft, this will mean a significant increase in the number of people using its bot framework.

Check it all out right below:

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