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We’re all aware of the fact that Alibaba is not only one of the biggest e-commerce giant. The Chinese giant most likely also operates in every other segment, including the digital and entertainment front, due to the country’s stringent laws against access to Western services or content within its premises. But, it doesn’t restrict the homegrown tech giants to spread its wings and extend its roots to global nations.

With this very mindset, Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group has today declared the appointment of Jack Huang as its new President. He was previously spearheading the overseas operations of the company’s burgeoning mobile business group. His previous role involved overseeing the browser, mobile search, location-based services, mobile gaming, app store and mobile reader operations. And he will now maintain a birds-eye view on the same, while inducing growth into its web services in his new position.

Speaking on his appointment, Yongfu Yu, Partner of Alibaba Group and Chairman & CEO of Alibaba Digital Media & Entertainment Group in a statement said:

The recent restructuring in leadership team is a step forward for the group to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for us in strategic markets such as India, Indonesia, and Russia.

Prior to being elevated to President, Huang was responsible for leading the growth drive for UCWeb, the company’s mobile browser. As the head of UCWeb’s International Business Department, he helped the browser skyrocket to bag a position among the top three mobile browsers — in parallel to Chrome and Opera. It now boasts of 420 million monthly active users (MAUs) wheras UCNews, the most recent initiative of the company has also amassed over 100 million MAUs in just the last nine odd months.

Continuing to talk about the same, Huang adds:

UCWeb is experiencing rapid growth in its international user base and is taking giant leaps in digital transformation and high-quality digital content consumption in not just in China but also prominent markets like India, Indonesia, and Russia.


Alibaba is continuing to maintain its focus on globalization, with most of the revenues being driven from emerging nations such as India and Indonesia. For the previous fiscal ended March 31, the Digital Media and Entertainment’s revenue jumped a massive 271 percent jump (year-on-year). This is impressive growth for the said division, which is now expected to make lengthier strides in the international market.

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