Facebook is rolling out a new service which will allow you to  to order stuff from all your favorite restaurants from within its app itself, preventing you from unnecessarily fidgeting over other food ordering websites or navigating over restaurant’s own websites or apps. It is so because Facebook navigation, for both mobile and website, is rolling out a new “order food” option.

The newly incorporated colorful hamburger icon on the desktop and a new blue-and-white hamburger icon on smartphones is a fresh option for the Facebook users to place a pickup and delivery option  for foods from restaurants through Delivery.com or Slice.

Facebook has previously tied up with Delivery.com and Slice, and this new ordering business is just an extension to that tie-up. Back then, the company stated that they would come forth with a food ordering option for the Facebook users from selected restaurants, directly from  their pages using  a “Start Order” button.

The “Order Food” feature along with the navigation option rings forth a list of all supported restaurants, along with a featured photo, price range (indicated by dollar signs), star ratings, and type of cuisines. The availability of pickup and delivery option will also be forecasted.

In case you happen to order your food directly from a restaurant’s Facebook page, you may click on  “Start Order” to begin the ordering process. The service allows you to to go through the menu, add stuff to your cart, edit your order, add a suggested tip, then pay within Facebook, through a mobile feature powered by either Delivery.com or Slice.

Once the payment has been made, Facebook sends you confirmation telling you that you will receive a e-mail to confirm your order, along with an expected time around which your order would arrive or be ready for pickup.

It has been observed that Facebook is aiming to replicate the functionalities of other apps in the past few days, and this is just another example to that. This new option will prevent them from leaving the website for the sake of ordering foods from their favorite restaurants, which sounds like an advantage in itself . If the company wants to become the platform users sta glued to for the whole day, allowing them to order food seems like a good start to me.

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