VR is the future, and Google wants to make sure that you are able to witness the future in high quality. We talked about Seurat earlier, a technology that will permit high resolution rendering of immersive content even while using low resolution devices. Let’s now explore the topic in some depth.

With Seurat, Google is basically attempting to make high resolution rendering possible even with low spec devices. Towards the same, the company has collaborated with ILMxLAB and created cinematic quality renders from the Star Wars for mobile VR.

Check the video out right below:

As can be seen, scenes from Star Wars: Rouge One are presented in great detail. And trust me, they will look even better when you use a dedicated device.

The working are a it complicated but I will try to explain them in simple terms. Please bear with me. Basically developers can set a bounded perspective region using Seurat. Inside this region, viewers can move around in VR and look at a scene. Since the space is constrained, it is easier to take a series of snapshots of a fully rendered 3D virtual object and then use the said snapshots to construct a lightweight version that is just as good looking as the original video — provided that you stay within the confines of the space.

Google said that it will have more to share about the tech later in the year. We can hope to watch it in action near the year end, when Google’s OEM partners start rolling out their standalone VR devices.

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