Australia Post is partnering with Federal government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to facilitate online verification of IDs. Together, they will focus on developing proof of concept to help government agencies enhance how they provide access to services online and over the counter. This is aimed at removing the cumbersome processes that people have to go through to prove their identity to government agencies and other organizations.

The two entities want to develop user-friendly solutions for the public to access the government services online. Australia Post will integrate its identity technology into Commonwealth’s Digital Identity framework.

AusPost have been working to develop the Digital iD service, which is yet to be launched publicly, for almost over a year. However, it has begun incorporating the service for its own solutions and will available on Google’s Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store later this year.

Australia Post Managing Director & Group CEO Ahmed Fahour, in a statement, mentioned that this reinforces their commitment to helping people connect to important government services such as health and community services. He added there are millions of interactions with government and private sector organizations each year that are time-consuming, requiring people to produce at least two or more forms of ID to prove who they are.

This is pretty true as AusPost’s research indicates that these processes cost the Australian economy up to $11 billion a year in proving identity alone. This can be unlocked by making it easy, safe and secure to prove that you are who you say you are when interacting online. Ahmed also stated,

We envisage an identity solution, like Digital iD, could unlock significant benefits for everyday Australians doing business with government.

The Commonwealth’s Digital Identity Framework is a set of standards, processes, and partnerships to guide the Government’s formation of a federated system of identity providers. Talking about the platform, Ahmed said,

Our new Digital iD platform provides Australians with greater choice and control in how they prove their identity online.

On the platform, just as a user’s identity is verified, via a passport, driver’s license or any ID proof, s/he can save the details to produce later wherever the iD is accepted.

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