Google has decided to make it easier for users to make payments. The company is bringing in a brand new scheme of things under which users will be able t o pay with any card on file, and not just the ones they have saved in Android Pay.  If you have used a particular card with your Google account, well you are good to go.

The company is expanding access to Google Payments through the Google Payments API. This, as we already know is a tool that allows developers and merchants integrate Google Pay Payments within their own websites and applications.

Opening Android Pay up and allowing folks to leverage just about any car they have used or associated with their Google account is a smart move, as it may make them a bit readier to make payments. And Google needs that growth. Android Pay competes with Apple Pay and is severely lagging behind.

By letting users use any card they may have used while paying for something on Play Store, YouTube, or even through Chrome — Android Pay could be cutting into a lot of extra efforts. This will in the end make the process of making payments that much more easier and hassle free — and isn’t that what all these services are all about?

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