Apple is betting big on education and community interaction to help expand its own ecosystem. The company announced that it was planning to offer expanded educational sessions at its stores last month. These sessions were expected to play host to in-depth training on how the company’s devices and products could be used. The company also said that it hoped that people like artists, could share their thoughts on how they were using Apple products to expand the public’s horizon.

Well, Apple has now announced a new website which will allow customers to view all the available courses and sign up for them. The website is called Today at Apple and it the launch coincides with almost 4,000 sessions that will be held at its Stores worldwide.

In-Store classes are nothing new for the Cupertino giant. However, with the website and with the announcement from last month, the company is hoping to attract more users to its store who me in for the sake of the classes as opposed to earlier, when people came in to purchase products and ended up taking classes.

These stores will also feature a Kids Hour that will see sessions catering specifically to kids. Courses on offer will include lessons in music creation using garage band, movie making with iMovie and so on.

And that is not all. Apple is also planning to have some of its larger stores host exclusive performances from local artists. Again, the idea here is to attract footfalls at Apple Stores and increase interaction and set these stores part from merely places where you go and spend your money to buy expensive electronics. For now, cities like London, Paris, Dubai, Berlin, Tokyo, Brooklyn, San Francisco will play host to these sessions.

Also, starting from the 20th of May, all Apple Stores the world over — there are almost 500 of them — will offer Kids hour and Photo Walks. To know if your local store is hosting a particular session or not, we suggest you ask them for a more accurate description of what is on offer. Again, with everything you learn, chances are that the focus will be on how Apple products can help. With that said, these events could well be the beginning of a more interactive Apple community.

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