Twitter’s Jinen Kamdar is taking up a brand new role. Kamdar, who has been serving at the social networking platform since the past 7 years as its director of product, is taking up the mantle of Vice president of product at Buzzfeed.

Considering that the main product in question here belongs to a media entit — and is for a large part, the entity itself — this shift in the job description shouldn’t be as huge as it sounds.

Kamdar announced the news through a series of tweets.

some news: after nearly 7.5 life-changing years, i’ve decided to leave twitter.

i’m forever indebted to twitter – the people, the service, and the company.

As he mentions in his tweet, Kamdar has been pretty stable for the better part of a decade. This is something of a novelty in today’s world where the top executives are often frequent job hoppers. He will be replacing  Chris Johanesen as VP of Product, who has shifted to the position of principal product manager for Buzzfeed.

Interestingly, Twitter and Buzzfeed are already collaborating in association with video content for the former being created by the lattter. As VP of media, Kamdar will probably be seeing quite a bit of his Twitter colleagues.

Speaking with the TechCrunch about his new role, which he will be taking up from Monday, he said:

When I look at BuzzFeed, what attracts me are the things that make companies like Twitter special, too. They think about everything in first principles. Because it’s a pure digital media play, they basically embraced the Internet and mobile and social in a way that is unrivaled in the media industry.

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