Well, that’s surprising. At its Build 2017 conference, Microsoft announced that Apple’s iTunes will be coming to the Windows Store by the year end. This particular iteration of the iTunes app will also pack full iPhone support and provide users with much the same experience that the current Windows app present on the Windows Store provides.

This way, everyone using a Windows device will be able to syn it with their iPhones. This was a strict no-no in some cases. For instance, the Windows 10 S operating system merely runs Windows Store applications. As such, unless iTunes was made available in the Windows Store, users would have been unable to sync their Windows 10 S laptops with their iPhones.

Meanwhile, there are hardly any details associated with what kind of agreement Microsoft and Apple arrived at to reach this point. Both of the ecosystems have been notoriously closed – although they have started opening up of late — and as such, whatever arrangement was reached, must have been interesting.

Apple could also use this opportunity to grab a slice of Microsoft users and make preparations for a future where the 10 S is more central to Microsoft’s strategy by rewriting its iTunes code.

Stay tuned for more from Build 2017.

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