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Microsoft’s build 2017 event is playing host to a lot of exciting new. We discovered a handy little tool for PowerPoint, that could take the edge of your worry if you are planning to use the same presentation for an audience that is comfortable in different languages.

Called the Presentation Translator, the tool can help provide automatic translations for your presentations. What’s more, everything is real-time, so you don’t even have to worry about anything until you are up on the stage and getting ready to present. And just forget your worries about the formatting, all the translation takes place while the original formatting is still preserved. Which is pretty cool, since preserving the formatting is often a huge issue whenever we call one of these AI powered tools into operation.

The service currently supports 10 languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Interestingly, Microsoft is aiming at multi-pronged usage and the very same service could also be used to caption presentation, in case you have the differently-abled among the audience.

Meanwhile, this service isn’t exactly one that was built from scratch.  Microsoft already had a fairly capable translator and this service builds on the same. This is also an excellent example how the efforts made in artificial intelligence are finally paying off and are starting to make our lives easier.

This is not the first AI powered tool that Microsoft has called into action with PowerPoint either. The service already features the likes of QuickStarter and Designer, which can help you generate moderately good looking slideshows around a topic of your choice.

This particular project is part of the different things the folks over at the Microsoft Garage have been working upon. It is currently in a closed preview however, you can check out how it works by signing up for early access. The link for the same is right here.

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