Twitter loves live video, like its other social networking peers. The company has been doubling down upon live videos of late and along the same, it has announced that it is launching its video app on the Roku platform. The announcement comes around one and a half year after Twitter first deigned to introduce its video app to the large screens.

Twitter’s video application is pretty interesting. Along with the top trending live videos, you also get a look at the top tweets side by side. The app debuted on the likes of Apple TV, Fire TV and the Xbox One. With its latest launch, Twitter is opening the doors to millions of new audience. At the end of March, Roku had somewhere around 14 million subscribers across its streaming players and TV sets.  All of them will now be able to access Twitter’s large screen application.

The app will offer the exact same live streaming videos that are available on Twitter. Apart from live videos posted by others, this also includes  original programming and live simulcasts in sports, entertainment, news and politics. Also, as users watch a video, they will also be able to see the tweets being made about the video alongside.

And the company now has quite a bit of live content available on its platform.  It has signed a slew of deals to livestream content from WNBA, MLB, NFL, PGA Tour, Player’s Tribune, and news and entertainment deals with Verge, BuzzFeed, Cheddar, Viacom, Dick Clark Productions, Propagate, IMG Fashion, and Live Nation. And let’s not forget the 24/7 Bloomberg live stream that is expected to go live in the fall.

Interestingly, you don’t need a Twitter account to use the Roku app, which is going live and will be available as a free download, starting tomorrow. Simply download the app and start watching and reading the world’s views on this news or that.

Speaking on the topic, Ryan Troy, product manager at Twitter said:

The Twitter channel on the Roku platform brings together the video and related conversation that surrounds live events to the largest screen in the house. Our new channel gives Roku’s audience an easy way to watch live events and see what people are talking about, keeping them connected to what’s happening.

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