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Facebook will now allow everyone to play instant games inside their messenger interface. The games based upon HTML-5 and do not need to be downloaded. Simply click and get started with the game play. And we are not talking about Snake Xenzia either. The feature is debuting with a bunch of fairly cool titles including Pac-Man and 8 Ball Pool.

What’s more, Instant games also offer support for turn-by-turn gameplay, meaning that  instead of single player games, you can now play with friends as well. The feature was high up in the list of most requested features and the company finally decided to roll it out. Also, developers can  now make bots that interact with its users in real time, and also informs them about a particular game and so on.

As fa as the use of this feature are concerned, well, you could play some games while  waiting for the people at the other end of the conversation to respond to you. The games have already been played over 1.5 Billion times n the last 90 days alone.

As far as monetization is concerned, there is no flow of money happening at this point. This is so because there are neither advertisements nor in-game purchases taking place at this point of time. However, we can expect that to follow in due course of time and provide Facebook with another revenue stream.

HTML5 and Facebook have had a bad history with each other. The company originally deployed it with its mobile applications for both iOS and Android and the apps turned out to be seriously sow and plauged with issues. However, all that is ancient history at this point as HTML5 and the developers coding in it have both improved.

The company has been doubling down upon games as well. For instance, you have Gamerooms, and then you also have the latest Camera effects platform that allow you to intermingle gameplay with real world objects. With the introduction of games on chat, Facebook is introducing yet another way of keeping its audience engaged.

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