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Google is known to introduce several test features into the Play Store from time to time. Today, the Google Play Store app has been updated with another minor but nifty addition — as it should be. Most of the app listing sections with individual app cards across the app has been replaced with new solid side-scrolling panels. This minimalistic changes makes the user experience more intuitive for the end user.

Earlier, as mentioned above, the Play Store displayed apps in their seperate cards under different sections and categories. You could then scroll from left to right to check out some of the apps under the same. But Google seems to be parting ways with these app cards and is now replacing them with new scrolling panels with a constant solid background and appropriate app listings.

While several reports across the interwebs suggest that the side-scrolling app panels are being made available only for developer and publisher sections on the Play Store. But, we’ve sighted similar tests being rolled out all across the app, where the categories are now clubbed under such solid panels with the app listings.

The changes are currently being tested for majority of sections, be they’re New+Updated Games, Music & Audio, You might also like and Recommended for you among others. And these panels continue to load new apps as you keep scrolling. But, the highlight of this feature would, however, have to be the addition of the side scrolling feature to ‘more by’ developer tab at the bottom of an app page. It enables you to access other apps developed by the same publisher without having to jump to a new page.

Previously, the developer/publisher section in the Play Store only displayed just one featured app and provided you a ‘More’ button to explore all other apps built by them. It wasn’t scrollable and you only had an app card next to the button, at the very bottom of the app page.

But, this test features eliminates the featured app in the ‘more by’ section and makes a side-scrolling app listing available for the users to access a handful of apps developed them right there. This is a siginificant upgrade to the user experience, which eliminates the need for unnecessary clicks (or taps). It was the norm in the previous ‘More’ option as tapping the same displayed only a handful of apps. It showed all the apps built by the developer after another click — but not now.

Google Play Store has recently also upgraded the ‘My Apps & Games‘ listing section by eliminating the cards-like interface and cutting down on the space. It now uses closely placed and feature-packed cards that enable you to update apps, know the size, and when your app was last updated. This feature is rolling out to Android user globally and the one we talked about earlier is also being witnessed on more devices than a test usually should. So, there’s a possibility that Google may be rolling out the feature in phases.

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