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Google is rolling out a new feature today which will ease the access and viewing of business reviews for travelers having access to automatic translation, according to an official blog post.

Google has notified users that it can now translate reviews appearing in Google Search results and Google Maps into the language which is set as default on their devices. Which means now, you’ll be able to read reviews of unknown places in your native language. Now, the users will be able to grasp more information about places, attractions, restaurants, bars, shops and other places user might be willing to visit.

This will relieve the users from copying and pasting the reviews over to Google Translate in order to get an idea about the business or locality.

Google has been working real hard on its language translation platform using A.I technologies and this service is the outcome of that breakthrough. Just last month, the platform extended its translation support to various other languages such as Russian, Hindi, and Vietnamese in addition to the previously supported English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish.

The technology involved will enhance the platform’s ability of understanding languages. Instead of translating the sentences piece by piece, the tool will treat the sentence as a whole and will translate it all together.

Google has stated that the automatic translation feature will come along with Google products, Search and Maps, and will offer most of its users with both the translated review and the original review which was published in the native language.

The addition may not seem such a big news on the surface, but still, it may attract a majority of users from other travel apps with just the local review feature of the search platform.

The service addition interestingly comes at the same time when Facebook too is taking strides to enter the areas of traveling. World’s largest messaging platform recently tried to convert itself into a travel companion by including a travel planning section called City Guides,” which allows its users to go through the different places their friends have visited and then read reviews of their experiences.

The biggest advantage which Google brings along is the inclusion of more than just the regular data present on social networks. Since years, it has been asking users to help improve their service by suggesting corrections, editing or adding business info, leaving reviews and ratings and uploading photographs. Now, this has resulted in developing Google as one of the most robust platforms for deducing business information for localities and now also the travelers.

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