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Apple is all for the environment. The company recently established that it will now start attempting to ensure that it is able to kill its reliability on mining and start using renewable metals and materials in its iPhones.

However, that is not all there is to it. Apple’s Danish data centers for instance, are doing a lot more than merely save and transmit data.

The company’s data centers in Jutland will reportedly be powered partially by recycling the waste from nearby farms. What’s more, they will also convert waste into fertilizrs and supply it to farmers in the region. Finally, the data centers will also couple with and feed heat into a district heating system, to warm local homes.

As per MacWorld

The data center in the Jutland region will be partly powered by recycling waste products from farms. Apple is working with Aarhus University on a system that passes agricultural waste through a digester to generate methane, which is then used to help power the data center. The digester reaction turns some of the waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer, which Apple returns to local farmers to use on their fields.

The date center represents the largest foreign capital investment in the country till date, with a worth of over $950 million. The data center certainly sets a benchmark that other manufacturers and tech entities should strive to emulate, and as with Apple’s other efforts towards creating a environmentally sustainable enterprise.

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