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Ever since the launch of Samsung’s flagship devices — Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus earlier last month, there is simply one significant question that has been swirling around everyone’s head. Will Samsung’s new flagship smartphones explode like the Galaxy Note 7?

Over the past couple months, leading up to the launch of the devices, this had become one of the snarkiest memes targetted towards the Korean giant. People all across the interwebs were mocking the company and asking them whether the flaming feature launched along with the Galaxy Note 7 would make a return to the Galaxy S8 lineup or not.

Well, I’m sure a majority of these people would’ve been dumbfounded seeing the sleek and gorgeous device with a stunning ‘Infinity Display’ that stretches across to cover the complete front side. But, the reservations about the durability of the Galaxy S8 and battery pack will be silenced after witnessing the videos attached below.

While everyone was impressed with the bezel-less dual-curved display (which covers 95% of the front side of the device) featured on the Galaxy S8, people have also been anxious about the fragile nature of the same. But, YouTuber JerryRigEverything, who is known to take smartphones for a durability test ride, has proven that the phone has a solid build and the display can take some damage.

The durability tests have been designed such that smartphone is subjected to intense scratching — both on the front and back due to the glass coating on the Galaxy S8, exposure to flames with a lighter and some intense bending exercises. The Gorilla Glass 5 coating on the screen surely protects the smartphone from scratches via coins and keys. And the screen is enduring enough to have survived even the toughest of hardships but the phone was taken apart by the father-son duo (Lincoln and Dan) at What’s Inside? on YouTube.

In the YouTube video, they not only test the durability of the smartphone but also rip it apart to confirm that the Galaxy S8 probably won’t combust on any random occasions — like the Galaxy Note 7 did. As their channel name suggests, the duo checks what’s hidden inside any popular or newly released product available in the market.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 went through the usual treatment and the phone was sliced in half from the center. When they reached to the battery pack inside the phone, it surely began to heat up, expanded and even smoked up a bit. This was the moment every viewer is going to think that the phone will burst into flames — but it didn’t. The battery was even poked with a sharp knife repeatedly – which should’ve caused the lithium-ion battery to catch fire. However, Galaxy S8 didn’t dramatically explode and cause harm to anyone.

So, simply put, anyone judging the durability of the battery pack inside the Galaxy S8 have been silenced. We are still to witness any smartphone burst into flames, Samsung is definitely having a better time with its latest flagship.

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