iPad Air 2

If you are looking for an iPad replacement and currently rock one of the older fourth generation iPads, get ready to be pleasantly surprised. The Cupertino giant is implementing a new policy under which it will start shipping newer and more capable iPad Air 2 as a substitute for their older devices.

The company is implementing this new policy that will let Apple Stores and authorized service providers ship the iPad Air 2 as a unit replacement when the 4th gen iPad isn’t available. The policy has been brought in to deal with a lack of the latter device. Apple has already discontinued production of the device and as such it is now allowing users to receive a more capable iPad Air 2 as a substitute.

As per a memo obtained by 9To5Mac:

Starting March 30th, iPad 4th generation whole unit repairs may be substituted to iPad Air 2.

What’s more, the iPad Air 2 s available only in 32 and 128 GB variants. This could translate into storage gains for 4th gen iPad users looking for replacements, as the 4th gen is available in 16GB and 64GB models as well.

The Air 2 has been discontinued as well. Apple has replaced it with a $329 device that is simply called the iPad. The fact of the matter is that Apple usually offers support for its devices for around 5 years after discontinuing them. The iPad Air 2 was introduced in October 2014 , which was also around the same time as when the 4th gen iPad was discontinued. So, there are still a couple of years yet and Apple is now dealing with the dearth of 4th gen iPads by letting service providers ship iPad Air 2 instead.

Replacement is the only viable solution, when Apple Stores and the authorized service providers are unable to perform repairs on a particular iPad. However, you are only likely to get an iPad Air 2 if suppliers in your region are unable to come up with a 4th gen instead.

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