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Tesla will reveal an electric semi-pickup truck in September, announces Elon Musk

Well, if electric cars are not your thing, Tesla has something special planned for you. Founder Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce that his company will b e unveiling a pickup truck come September. It appears as if work is already well underway and indeed, may even be nearing completion. Musk noted that the team has “done an amazing job”, suggesting that a significant portion of the work has been completed.

Again, we could have surmised that much from a September release data, after all Tesla won’t put the vehicle together overnight. However, the Model 3 first went on display in April last year and is yet to be released. So there is no saying what kind of schedule Tesla’s electric semi-pickup truck will follow once it is released in September.

We first got an inkling of a semi truck in July last year, when Musk hinted that his company was working on more than just electric cars. Back then, Musk revealed that his company was working upon a pickup that he chose to refer to as the Tesla Semi. The vehicle was expected to bring all the benefits associated with electric vehicles to goods transportation as well. As Musk put it, the Tesla semi could reduce the cost of transportation and would make driving safer. This last part suggests that it would also be equipped with at least some self-driving features. Tesla already has a fairly advanced self-driving system and it wouldn’t be surprising if it decided to instill it in its pickup trucks as well.

Meanwhile, this pickup truck is part of Musk’s grand plans for the future of transportation. The plan involves covering all major forms of ground transportation. While the semi pickup would address the cargo, electric cars and a planned bus type shuttle would take care of human transportation.

You have to give it to the man, all of his plans are so huge that others would shirk thinking about them, much less embarking upon them. However, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO has time ad again proved that he is capable of bringing them to fruition. At present, Musk has his eyes set upon a human-computer interface by means of a neural lace, tunnels that would ease all transportation in one stroke and of course, a human civilization on Mars.