Reliance Jio still doesn’t plan on allowing its telecom competitors breath a sigh of relief. It had accepted TRAI’s decision to put an end to its Summer Surprise offer but has now revived the tariff plans with a twist and a rather catchy moniker. The telecom behemoth had yesterday throttled back the previous offer and said that it was gearing up to release new offers for the benefit of its customer base and they’re now live.

Rejoice, Prime subscribers! Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has today taken the wraps off its new tariff plans under the Dhan Dhana Dhan offer. While the Summer Surprise promised you complimentary data+voice services for three months before the start of actual paid services on the network, Jio has now quoted a price against it. That’s it. But, you won’t be able to ignore these offers, that’s a sure deal.

Under the Dhan Dhana Dhan offer, Reliance Jio is now offering the complete service package including unlimited data, free SMSs, and Jio apps subscription for three months at the price of just one. This new offer is applicable for both Prime as well as non-Prime members. This offer is squarely aimed at granting the benefit of unlimited data services to users who weren’t able to subscribe to the Summer Surprise offer before it was pulled away.

For Prime subscribers, Reliance Jio is now offering the three-month data plan through two new recharge packs that’ll offer 1GB and 2GB high-speed data each day for the next three months. The former recharge pack will cost you ₹309, while the latter will push you shell out ₹509 to be eligible for free data services. It’s that simple. Existing Summer Surprise offer subscribers, there’s good news for down below.

As for non-Prime members or new SIM card owners, you will also be able to avail the three-month unlimited data services via similar recharge packs but a little extra. Yes, just a little extra for being late to the party. You’ll now have the option to either recharge your Jio number with ₹408 (₹99 Jio Prime subscription + ₹309 recharge pack) and ₹608 (₹99 Jio Prime subscription + ₹509 recharge pack) to gain access to 1GB and 2GB high-speed data each day.

The Dhan Dhana Dhan offer will come into effect post the deadline for the registration of the ₹99 Prime subscription i.e April 15. The same will now also mark the end of free, unlimited data services from the network provider. This means the new recharge plans will now be offering its customers with up to 84GB and 168GB high-speed data at the price of ₹309 and ₹509 respectively. The recharges are applicable only for 28 days, as is usually the norm.

So, the non-Prime users (and those who just purchased a new Jio SIM) have by the end of this week to sign up for the aforementioned plans. The telecom giant will most likely be coming up with new tariffs and offers for those who miss this opportunity as well. But, you Jio users shouldn’t expect to receive packages with three months worth of unlimited data services. They’d cost a little more and apply according to a monthly (i.e 28 days) cycle.

But, here’s the thing. When TRAI instructed Jio to redact the Summer Surprise offer in a time period feasible for the company, then it was announced that the offer will apply for those who had already completed the process for the same. This means if you had already recharged your number with ₹99 Jio Prime subscription and ₹303 or higher then you’ll continue receiving the benefits of the offer.

So, now that Reliance Jio’s services come for a price, are you planning to complete the recharge process? Comment your thoughts down below.

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