Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity from last year helped the automaker embark on its complete renewable energy journey. Although the company is now focused on the release of its beautiful new solar tiles, it is surely not neglecting the customers who’d like to turn their existing roofs into solar-powered ones. Thus, Tesla has now introduced a new solar panel product for those looking for an affordable and innovative option to generate solar energy.

Unlike bulky and traditional solar panel installations, Tesla continues to place focus on both affordability and aesthetics at the same instant. The company has already unveiled solar roof panels in the form of designer tiles but has now minimized the installation size of the Panasonic-made traditional solar panels.

The new solar panels added to the company’s Energy section over the weekend are sleeker and minimalistic with a rather low-profile design. These solar panels, which will be installed on your existing roof, will result in a cleaner look because they will ‘blend into your roof with integrated front skirts and no visible mounting hardware.’

The panels will be distinctly visible to passer-bys and would no longer look like bulky boxes on the roofs. This is a part of Tesla’s overall product strategy to differentiate themselves from other solar roof installation companies in the market. The company is stepping foot in the sustainable energy market with full force but is innovating on its product strategy to make itself stand out from competitors.

Currently, Tesla has only made pictures of the new solar roof product available on its website. There is no more information, such as pricing, availability or others, available at this instant. The company is currently taking requests for custom quotes for their new solar panel products.

Electrek, who initially reported this development, have noted that Tesla is starting the production of its 325W modules as soon as this summer. Tesla is touting about the durability and lifespan of the solar panels saying they exceed industry standards. And as expected, it is seamlessly coupled with the company’s Powerwall battery brick.

The solar panels have been designed by the automaker’s long-time partner Panasonic, that too out of Gigafactory 2.0 (the facilities in Buffalo). The Japanese tech giant will only manufacture such sleek solar roof panels exclusively for Tesla, there is no plan to make the installations for third-party roofing companies (or even individuals). It will an exclusive, first-of-its-kind solar product which provides an aesthetically pleasing solar roof experience without making your homes look unattractive on the outside.

We’ve contacted Tesla for more information on these new solar roof panels and will update the story once we hear back from them.

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