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Google Home has certainly simplified our daily lives by making information readily available via voice commands. But, all the owners have repeatedly been requesting for multiple user support and it has been lacking from the device until today. We had already spotted evidence for the same in a recent teardown on the Google Home mobile app last month. And the app is now pre-announcing the said feature, probably in wake of a scheduled launch.

Some users have now started seeing a generic card, talking about the said feature being supported, in the Google Home mobile app. It has made a surprise appearance in the ‘Discover’ section of the app and carries the title ‘multiple users now supported.’ This card also continues to mention that everyone in your home will now be able to enjoy a personalized experience from Google Assistant, which is the super-smart and quirky assistant that empowers this device.

Though we have all this information about multi-user support on our hands, but we’re still not able to access the feature as it isn’t live as of yet. The card in the app only contains the aforementioned words and no link to set up multiple users for Google Home. There is no setting (or instruction) provided within the app to set up multiple user accounts. The same also do not appear even after updating the app — especially if an update is actually available.

Credit: Android Police

From what it seems, the tech giant has hastily published the ‘multi-user support’ card even before making the feature public. But, this confirms that Google is working on multi-user support as spotted in the previous update and is expected to ship the feature to Google Home owners quite soon. Now, the release of multi-user support is highly probable rather than being just a mere possibility. We have contacted Google for more information and will update you once we hear back from them.

With the introduction of multi-user support, Google Assistant will be able to access data from your smartphone to modify the whole experience and offer personalized recommendations. You may soon be able to set up alarms, appointments, and reminders via your own account. It means the Google Home app will maintain different data pools and tap into your account to provide you an intuitive experience.

In addition, Google is also expected to bring into the mix the ability to “recognize your voice,” currently one of the biggest limitations of smart speakers. This will require the need for training the Google Assistant to recognize your voice, which has also been referenced in the app code. This will enable the tech giant to set itself apart in the rapidly scaling and competitive smart speaker market, which is expected to grow to over $121.73 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 14.07% between 2016 and 2022.

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