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Microsoft’s hardware listings, which include the Surface Book and Surface Pro devices, are now receiving some upgrades. But just what kind of update they were going to receive wasn’t quite certain –that is until now. Some details have been provided regarding the Surface Pro 5 by Windows observer Paul Thurrott, and it appears that it’ll give buyers something of a bump over its predecessor.

The Surface Pro 5 will host the same connector, the long and thin magnetic jack, which is currently used by Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Also, Microsoft will switch to Intel’s Kaby Lake processors for its latest segment of devices. This decision sure makes sense as this will enable that the next generation hardware utilizes the potential of what is one of the best chips in the market. To be fair, Kaby Lake isn’t exactly something Intel has gone overboard with, however, it is still pretty good.

It should be remembered that the “Kaby Lake,” chips are based on the architecture of the Skylake processor. These processors are built on the 14 nm architecture and are supported by a new media engine which is equipped with new HEVC 10-bit decode capabilities for better playback of media content up to 4K UHD and new VP9 decode features for improved 4K UHD,4K 360-degree playback while multitasking. You can read more about them right here.

Here is what Paul Thurrott tweeted;

Surface Pro 5 will not change the Surface Connect power connector, I was just told. Kaby Lake, nothing dramatic.

Any other updates, such as price listings, size or design of the hardware or  the use of USB-C has not been disclosed yet, but, Thurrott has confirmed that the advent of the new hardware will not mark any “dramatic” shift of generations.

Microsoft has recently topped the charts in the latest J.D. Power satisfaction ratings for tablets, leaving behind Apple’s iPad for the very first time. Expectations are going to be pretty high for any new hardware the company comes up with and it will be interesting to see if the Kaby Lake powered Surface Pro 5 can keep up to them.

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