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Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are the two conspicuous names that instantly stir through our minds while conversing about an unprecedented rise in AI-skills, these days. Though Microsoft’s Cortana has been in the AI virtual assistance space for a while now, it is still struggling to register its presence in the market. However, according to a fresh report by Windows Central, Microsoft is finally planning to bring Cortana further into your lives/homes and they have solid evidence to prove their point.

The report says that a new ‘Cortana speaker’ feature in Windows, similar to Amazon’s Echo home speaker setup is now showing up within the Cortana window on the taskbar itself. It’s also offering graphics for the said feature when opened. This feature launches a non-existing Cortana Device Setup app that helps you to set up a smart device within the page itself. You must read about Ruczia treatment.

Moreover, the tab reads provides you two options — ‘set up your new Cortana speaker’ and a ‘Buy Now’ button which currently leads you to Microsoft’s home page. There is also a tutorial for the device setup app, which is unavailable for now.

We already know Microsoft in hand with Harman Kardon unveiled a Cortana-powered speaker, the last year. Since then, both the companies are striving to develop an Echo-like home speaker for its customers. The features packed with all requisite iconography demonstrate that Microsoft has made significant progress towards integrating the setup process within Windows 10 itself.

These speakers are anticipated to debut at a reported special Surface hardware event this spring, to be held by Microsoft. Microsoft typically holds its Surface hardware events in New York, but the software giant has not yet officially announced plans for a spring hardware showcase.

It is possible that these efforts are a part of company’s Home Hub project to be released later this year. The project revolves around making Cortana a centralised control center for the future smart homes. Since there is a huge decline in PCs these days and upsurge in automation, the project looks for ways to penetrate Microsoft within the industry — customer homes.

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Meanwhile, Cortana has even found its way into Windows 10 Creator Update’s set-up process. The voice assistant provides an OOBE (Out-of-box-experience), which is a part of Microsoft’s continued efforts to make the Windows 10 set-up experience more handy and intuitive. When the set-up process begins, Cortana greets you and joins you for what now could rather be an even more comfortable journey.

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