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If you aren’t yet aware then you should know Microsoft yesterday released the Windows 10 Creators Update early for those impatient to wait for the official release, scheduled for 11th April. Now, we have been acquainted with the simplified Windows set-up process for years. It enables you just choose your preference and leave Microsoft to do the magic before handing control over to you. However, it seems Redmond wasn’t quite satisfied with how the process went so they decided to bring in some help from Cortana.

Yes, you heard me perfectly fine. When performing a clean install for Windows 10 Creators Update, you will now have the support of Microsoft’s uber-smart and quirky voice assistant Cortana. This development was initially reported by Tom Warren, Senior Editor at The Verge, via the tweet attached underneath. As you notice in the video, Microsoft has further simplified the set-up process with the inclusion of Cortana. You can now mostly sit back, relax and converse with Cortana to breeze through the installation process.

The fact that Cortana has found its way into Windows 10 Creator Update’s set-up process has been addressed by Microsoft software engineer Jennifer Gentleman, also on Twitter. She writes that providing the voice assistant as an OOBE (Out-of-box-experience) is a part of Microsoft’s continued efforts to make the Windows set-up experience more handy and intuitive.

This feature will be available on new machines pre-installed with Windows 10 Creators Update or those installing the Creators Update from scratch on their existing devices. When the set-up process begins, Cortana greets you and joins you for what now could rather be a comfortable journey. This feature will definitely be quite helpful for noobs, who found the set-up process a chore. They will now be able to co-ordinate with Cortana to complete the set-up without unnecessary hiccups.

As you’ve already seen in the video attached above, Cortana pitches in and enables you to connect to the desired Wi-Fi connection to begin the set0up process. Then, Warren adds that the voice assistant even helped him successfully configure keyboard option, all by listening and responding to him. This is a rather surprising experience but you’re in control of the same. You’re free to jump in at any time and take over the controls via your mouse or keyboard. You can even drown out Cortana’s voice if you feel it is getting a little bit too much for you.

But, all in all, it is one of the sneakiest but clean additions to the experience. What do you think about Cortana helping out with the set-up process? Comment your thoughts down below.

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