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Apple has updated its music application for the Android platform. Thanks to the latest update that has winged its way to the Apple Music application on the Play Store, you can now get the same experience as the one you will receive were you to open the application using iOS, macOS, and Window devices.

Apple first launched a dedicated music App in 2015. The app wasn’t exactly a sight for sore eyes and there was a lot of room for improvements. The company delivered those improvements in September last year and enhanced the look and feel of the app by adding larger black, white, and red text blocks and images. However, the Android app did not reflect any of these changes: that is until now. Apple Music for Android has finally caught on and is markedly better now.

Apart from the user interface, there are other changes as well. For instance, you can now see song lyrics directly from the Now Playing page. A new feature called the “My New Music Mix playlist” can now be found as well. As the name implies, the feature is similar to Spotify’s Discovery Weekly and brings you a selection of new songs and music.

There are issues still and it will be some time before Apple can track down and fix all of the. For instance, two factor authentication is proving to be a problem. Assuming that your Apple account has the extra security feature turned on, the only way to login to the Android app is to turn it off, log in and then turn int on again. That’s because while you will be told to type the verification code that is visible on other devices, there won’t xactly be anywhere you can actually type it in.

However, Apple will likely get around to correcting the issue, now that it has been brought to their notice. Meanwhile, do let us know what you think about the new Apple Music.

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