Ever since its $26 million acquisition last year, LinkedIn has steadily been rolling out updates to its enterprise social network. Today, the company has announced the launch of Lead Gen Forms to simplify the process of collecting high-quality leads for marketers. The same is being made possible by integrating a call-to-action button into paid, sponsored campaigns on the platform.

According to the official press release, Lead Gen Forms have been designed to streamline the process of data collection (or leads) on the enterprise social network. But, this is being done through the use of an automated form filling process, which populates the same with the user’s information on tapping the call-to-action button.

Your personal information is simply fetched from your LinkedIn profile and the only task you’re required to perform is tap submit. It simplifies form submission to just two taps, which is the highlight of this new Lead Gen Form feature for marketers, as well as users. It is this minimalistic approach to lead generation that can score you more info from LinkedIn’s 500 million professionals, influencers, and businesses.

Talking about the same,  Divye Khilnani, a group product manager at LinkedIn said,

Once someone submits a Lead Gen Form, you’ll get a comprehensive lead record that can include that person’s name and contact info, company name, seniority, job title, location, and more.


Since this simplified form submission process is connected to the user’s LinkedIn accounts, it means you’ll be served with an updated and accurate profile. The user can tamper with the information if they desire, but chances are you will not receive fake or incomplete responses on applying this approach. This is one of the most common problems faced with traditional forms. The LinkedIn users who interact with your Lead Gen Form is even displayed an in-app ‘thank you’ page, which can be redirected to external content.

Lead Gen Forms are an important milestone in our continued efforts to help marketers drive even greater ROI from their lead gen campaigns, and they build on our introduction of native ad conversion tracking last year.

The Lead Gen Forms will initially be made available to advertisers via the LinkedIn mobile app, with the same being extended to the desktop in coming months. The enterprise social network is following this approach because the user response rate on mobile is much higher as compared to the web application. Thus, the feature has been built keeping mobile usage in mind.  In the press release, Khilnani goes on to add,

Given that 80% of member engagement with Sponsored Content happens on smartphones, we are confident that a mobile-first approach to Lead Gen Forms will offer advertisers the best results.

Further, LinkedIn plans to expand the scope of Lead Gen Forms to targetted InMail sponsored content campaigns for both mobile and desktop, later this year. This will enable you to capture the complete personal info of individuals who react with your adverts in their emails as well.

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