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Snapchat users can search across over 1 million selected stories over the platform, as per a latest update of the service. This update will prove beneficial to not just the operators, but advertisers as well. The social networking service has now incorporated a search option which will let users browse through a large number of stories shared publicly by users and companies, via keyboard, to find ones which best suits their interests.

The stories search feature functions on  tech which utilizes machine learning to decipher what actually is a story, posted through networks The Story feature and then to reorganize it through the keyboard. The feature presents the story when searched, utilizing the images present in the story or the captions used for defining it.

This feature has only been rolled our in selected cities for now, and will  be launched for rest of the globe sometimes soon.

Snap is positive that the search story feature will lure its audience to spend more time on the platform. The argument behind this thought is that once the users find what they are looking for as the result, they will spend more time glued to the app. This feature also opens many doors for advertisers who may now upload their product stories on the Snapchat, and will appear into user’s search result after a certain keyword is incited.

Just to elucidate a little more, the stories collection which made available through the search result doesn’t feature any ads until now, however, its a great opportunity for the companies to take leverage of the prospect.

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