Would you be interested in being converted into a walking and talking wireless hotspot? Well, T-Mobile is probably one day early but is taking some time out to announce the launch of the world’s first-ever full body wearable called ONEsie.

According to the official press release, this piece of innovative clothing will be powered by your T-Mobile smartphone. The device is inserted into a pocket on the inside of the ONEsie, which doubles as a full-body fitness tracker. Don’t laugh, you can use this ONEsie to monitor your vital signs, sleeping, waking, breathing, movement, body position and more. It’s the complete package, but the U.S telecom carrier is not done yet.

The highlight of this ONEsie will have to be revolutionary new 4G LTE nano-fiber technology, which is literally woven into the fabric of each of these. These nano-fibers combine to light up T-Mobile’s spectrum, generating a perfect 4G LTE signal everywhere you go, which means you’ll serving as the human hotspot of your group — while looking like a magenta-colored goof. Other technologies that are packed into the ONEsie are GPS, real-time health monitoring, hoodie phones for unlimited music streaming and more.

T-Mobile ONEsie also introduces ONEdev, providing new tools and APIs for developers to create unique experiences designed for the whole body. Developers can create fully native apps for T-Mobile ONEsie apps starting later next year. And that’s where we put an end to this joke!

Sharing his vision for the product, John Legere, president, CEO and lead fashion designer at T-Mobile said,

T-Mobile ONEsie is a quantum leap forward for wearables, for wireless networks and for fashion. What I’m most excited about is combining my drive to disrupt the wireless industry AND my passion for magenta fashion.

The result is easily the most innovative—and certainly the most comfortable—product in wearable technology today. Now anyone can slip into a T-Mobile ONEsie and go “all in” with truly unlimited coverage!

Oh, but wait ! Is this stuff even true ?!?!

Of course not. You just got fooled folks. Here’s an elaborate YouTube video of how this April Fools Prank came to be:

Well, you must be aware of the date tomorrow — April 1. This is T-Mobile’s rather funny version of celebrating April Fools Day. This ‘magenta-colored’ ONEsie is poking fun at their rival’s tech innovations, but connected clothing sure holds a plausible future. Google is already working on such concepts with Levi’s and recently showed off its Project Jacquard commuter jackets at SXSW’17. And this jacket enables you to control basic functions via touch and gesture functionality through woven interactive surfaces.

But, if you’re a T-Mobile enthusiast then you’re in luck as the company is actually selling these ONEsies – minus the whole connected technology. You can grab this fashionable magenta wearable for $40, which surely doesn’t account for the tech we’ve talked about. I am hoping for better and more believable pranks from tech companies — maybe like Lyft’s wearable device Mono.

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