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Housing.com, an online real estate portal which is now a part of PropTiger.com, has today announced the launch of ‘Housing Partner’ – a unified platform for real estate developers and partners to manage their business. This new product from Housing.com is aligned with its objective of becoming a preferred digital platform for all stakeholders within the real estate ecosystem.


Housing Partner is a web-based dashboard that will help property sellers to monitor and manage leads in an effective manner, all within a single and convenient interface. Through this, customers would be able to enhance productivity by being able to view leads, purchase qualified leads and accordingly customize their offerings.

The platform will also allow customers to report irrelevant leads, thus, reducing the wastage in terms of time, efforts and money; resulting in an increased profitability. It will even allow developers and partners to view and edit their listings, thus improving the turnaround time to close transactions.

Speaking about the launch, Mani Rangarajan, Chief Business Officer (Platform Business Unit) for the company, said,

Technology has always been in the DNA of all products offered by Housing.com and with ‘Housing Partner’, we have once again redefined the role of technology within the real estate industry.

While our primary consumer will always be the home-buyer, engaging with the developers and brokers to help improve their business would eventually benefit everyone. 

‘Housing Partner’ is our latest offering and has been developed in line with the Group’s objective of becoming the country’s preferred Online-to-Offline (O2O) digital real estate services platform.

The company says that going forward, ‘Housing Partner’ would be further enhanced by incorporating a host of features that would help customers leverage the data collected and to use if effectively. New features would also allow customers to programme their ad campaigns and digital marketing spends for optimal efficacy.

From a partner ecosystem perspective, ‘Housing Partner’ will enable broker app integration as well as an incentive mechanism for end-users to drive their sales, it will allow multiple users from the same partner company to log in simultaneously, allowing them to stay updated real time.

In January earlier this year, PropTiger.com and Housing.com announced a merger to form India’s largest digital real estate entity with an objective of becoming the country’s preferred full-service online-to-offline (O2O) real estate platform. As per the company, it is the only player offering the full range of real estate services, such as personalized search, virtual viewing, site visits, legal and financial diligence, negotiations, property registration, home loans and post-sales service.

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