Google Home

Google Home, the AI-powered smart speaker, is officially making its debut in the UK market on April at a price of £129. It is making available colored bases for customization, £18 will be charged for the fabric and £36 for metal versions.

Also, coming in line would be Google Wifi, the WiFi router system, on the same day and at the same price. Both the Google devices can be purchased on Google Store and will available at British retailers namely Dixons, Argos, Maplin and John Lewis.

The Wifi is slated to be available on “Amazon” soon, and two-pack of Google Wifi units will cost £229. On the other side, in the US, one Wifi costs $129 and three-pack is priced at $299.

Google Home is entering the nation just six months after Amazon unveiled its very own smart speaker, Amazon Echo. The latter was launched at a cost of £149.99, with Amazon Prime members getting a discount of £50. Even though it costs £20 more than the former, the assistant provides home automation services.

Google Home has witnessed a number of updates and modifications since its launch. It leverages Google’s search and AI expertise, delivers weather updates, taps into Knowledge Graph, and has top news updates ready for you, and connects you to streaming services such as Google Music, radio and Spotify. The major advantage of the Home over Echo is that it can easily carry out contextual conversations.

At an event in London where the details of the launches were announced, the company was quoted saying it has managed to localize the speaker, added more services and sources specifically for the locals. News giants like The BBC, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Financial Times, and a few more would be available since the time of the launch. Meanwhile, the company will seen integrating more such sources and features over time.

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