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HTC has announced a slew of new companies that are joining its global virtual reality accelerator program. The new batch consists of 30 companies, who will be joining the ViveX accelerator and will be liable to receive aid in various forms from HTC.

The VR ecosystem is still in its nascent stage. Granted,, it is too disruptive a technology to keep from evolving into the mainstream sooner or later. However, HTC is among a handful of other major, global brands that want this transition to occur sooner rather than later. Towards the same, the company has set up a ViveX accelerator with the aim of investing in startups that are working in the field of virtual reality.

Speaking on the topic, Marc Metis, global head of Vive X, told Venturebeat:

Vive X works with the most promising VR/AR companies to advance innovation and move the whole industry forward. We’re continuing to invest in and support the development of foundational platform services and hardware advancements, as well as expanding areas like enterprise, commerce, education, health, social, and esports.

Meanwhile, this is the second batch of companies to participate in the HTC’s global program. What Vive X does is, that it ensures that these startups have all the requisite tools required to enable them to come up with a string of VR content, services, platforms and hardware. The accelerator is unique for a variety of reasons including the fat that many of the companies that chose to join it are highly advanced and embark into partnerships for strategic reasons.

Here is a complete list of startups that are joining the new batch:


  • Star-with- U
  • Aurora AR
  • Kiwi Technology
  • Shengda.
  • Brokencolors
  • Bhaptics
  • SoccerDream


  • Opaque
  • Snobal
  • Luna
  • Xikaku
  • Appnori Inc
  • Vrani

San Francisco

  • CognitiveVR
  • Construct Studio
  • Forbidden Mechanics
  • HyperfairVR
  • Limitless
  • Mindesk
  • Realiteer
  • The Rogue Initiative
  • Subdream
  • Vertebrae


  • Mint Muse
  • Hexa
  • Vito
  • Invrse Reality
  • PlusOne
  • Multiverse
  • Red Accent
  • Byond

The ViveX accelerator is currently looking to start the program in Israel and is also opening up applications for the same.

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