Reaping in benefits from the massive SolarCity merger, Tesla unveiled solar roof tiles last year. The appearance of these tiles is similar to any regular roof tile, but its efficiency is roughly equivalent to a regular solar energy harnessing cell. The good news is that these tiles will now be available far pre-orders from this April, says the CEO Elon Musk.

This step could be envisioned as Tesla’s effort of targeting both solar energy generation and storage business along with their automobile business. The solar tiles will not only popularize the tech, but will also appeal to tech enthusiasts and green energy devotees. It will not only become a better energy saving option for home-makers, but will also increase the resale values of their homes, or simply take care of their energy needs.

The tiles will be made available in four different styles, which will correspond to four different traditional roofing materials, however, the company has reported that just one or two variants will be made available initially. The cost of installing these tiles will be same or below the cost of erecting a conventional roof, in addition to power saving offered after installation.

The installations, however, may not begin in April as it is likely that Tesla will pile up all the pre-orders for now, and then begin the installations some time later. Bulk productions are anticipated to become at some point in 2017 itself.

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