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Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk has today taken to Twitter to clarify a widely believed myth about the upcoming Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle. Well, while most individuals might’ve considered the said electric vehicle as the next iteration in Tesla’s product lineup but that is, in fact false. It is instead ‘just a smaller, more affordable version of Model S’ with less power, range and features, mentions Musk.

There is no doubt that most auto enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the release of the Model 3, but Musk cleared out the confusion that Model won’t be the next-generation Tesla using an Apple iPhone analogy. He observed that people were perceiving Model 3 as iPhone 7 as compared to the already available iPhone 6 Plus. He said that though it’ll be a leader in terms of technological features, the iPhone analogy won’t hold good here. This means the Model 3 won’t be a flagship but a companion to the same — so, think of its as iPhone SE.

Further, there is one thing for sure. This upcoming affordable electric vehicle will include all expected advanced technologies. Tesla will leverage its existing experience and couple it with advancements made over the past year or so. And yes, Telsa Model 3 will also come packed with the latest Autopilot hardware and software (i.e autonomous driving capabilities are intact) as well. Rejoice, early adopters!

Dispensing more details, Musk said that the first iteration of the Model 3 (i.e the ones shipping out this year) will not come with all-wheel drive dual motors. Tesla is currently trying to minimize configuration complexities to keep production on schedule, which is happening at their Fremont facility. This capability will be coming to the vehicle next year when Tesla ramps up production to 10k Model 3s per week. The launch is currently on schedule and first Model 3s will ship later this year, with an India launch also in the works.

Finally, Musk flipped on his dad joke switch and provided Twitterati with a reasoning for the name of their upcoming EV — Model 3. He said that Tesla intended to name it the Model E, but Ford blocked them because it holds a trademark on that name. Gear up, this gets serious (or funny) right here! The obvious and crude humor behind the same being that the first three Tesla models would spell out the word ‘S-E-X.’ But, we’d now have to be satisfied with S-3-X and the first video of the release candidate of the vehicle. Check it out right here.

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