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Nintendo has finally delivered on its promise and made its first-ever mobile game ‘Super Mario Run’ available for Android users across the globe. While your favorite plumber made its way to Android earlier than expected in most regions (a surprise from Nintendo!), but India seems to have gotten its hands on the game just a while back. We’d been expectantly waiting for nostalgia to flood all over us.

The Japanese gaming giant had piqued our interest when it opened pre-registrations for the Android version back in December. It, however, recently announced that the game will reach a majority of mobile users on March 23. We had been glued to its Google Play Store page since morning but it has only been displaying a ‘coming soon’ tag until now. We have finally gained access to Super Mario Run and damn! it looked addictive and fun during our first try.

The gameplay for Super Mario Run’s Android iteration is exactly the same as its iOS counterpart. This is nothing too surprising except for the fact that it took Nintendo 4 months to port the game to another platform. This nostalgia-packed mobile gaming phenomenon is an auto-runner, which requires you to tap to jump over obstacles and collect coins.

You are Mario, the plumber with a big bulky hat and you’re off to save the kidnapped Princess Peach from the flame-throwing turtle-dragon villain. The latter has caused unrest in the Mushroom kingdom and you need to complete challenges to rebuild it and get the toads back.

This is your primary mission in this game, which gives you free access to three levels in the first world. But, you will have to shell out a hefty ₹800 (i.e higher than iOS) to unlock all 10 different worlds with 24 levels in the World Tour mode and asymmetrical multiplayer challenges in its Toad Rally mode.

But wait, there’s more. Nintendo has today released an updated version 2.0 of Super Mario Run for both iOS and Android today. This update brings along new playable characters and provides users with a chance to unlock World 1-4, which was inaccessible on the free version until date. The latter requires you to complete one of Bowser’s challenges in the free version. That’s it.

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