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There’s no denying the fact that Uber is currently plagued with heaps of troubles within, as well as outside the company. This ongoing crisis has left many stunned with its revelations, but it seems the same has ticked one of Uber’s prominent partners as well. Spotify, as reports suggest, has been going through an internal crisis of its own.

According to The Verge, Spotify has been contemplating about ending its long-standing partnership with Uber in light of events which have recently transpired at the latter. The ride-hailing giant is currently involved in several controversies, with one new addition to the list almost each day. With regards to the same, Spotify denied its participation in a press campaign for a major update coming to Uber’s app — possibly the recent navigation-focused update for drivers.

This decision further incited a discussion about whether Spotify should continue providing users access to its services within the Uber app or not.  Currently, users traveling via Uber cabs can use their mobile apps to connect and control the playback on a driver’s sound system. This integration is a part of Uber’s efforts to provide commuters access to their favorite playlists during a ride. But, the same is now in jeopardy as Spotify plans to pull on their API access to Uber.

In an email circulated internally within the company, the music streaming giant seems to have definitely thought about parting ways with Uber. Spotify seems to be in a sticky situation, where it is concerned about the ride-hailing giant’s current brand image but isn’t willing to strip its loyal users of the joy of streaming by ending support for the API. It seems to be driving force behind the company’s decision to sit on this partnership a little while longer. In the said email, Spotify’s Head of Product, Gustav Söderström said,

For me, given the views I’ve shared with you regarding Uber and the practices that have been on display there recently, even staying on Uber is not a straightforward decision.

But it also doesn’t feel right to punish our users by pulling support for the API. I’d rather try to change behaviour by participating and showcasing what we believe in.

Spotify, which comes directly integrated within Uber, is flushed by the immense amount of bad PR being amassed by the ride-hailing giant. Uber, for those unaware, is completely surrounded by sharks breathing down its neck. One more negative revelation or social media outburst and the ride-hailing giant will be eaten alive.

It has already been alleged of sexual harassment and sexism at the workplace, a legal battle against Google’s self-driving arm Waymo who accuses Uber of stealing its technology for building their autonomous vehicles. In addition, we have also seen Uber CEO Travis Kalanick completely blow off one of its own drivers after taking a ride with him. Its public self-driving trials are not going as planned and Waymo has filed an injunction, asking the court to instruct Uber to immediately stop using tech.

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