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It seems like the end of an era and we have filled with nostalgia already. Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is one of the most prominent gaming consoles, which has been available in the market for around 10 years. But, several reports making rounds of the interwebs now suggest that the Japanese giant is finally killing this infamous product from its catalogue in Japan.

Sony is currently known to be selling only one model of the Playstation 3, a 500GB black charcoal variant in the Japanese market. The company has, however, decided to hammer the final nail in PS3’s coffin and will “soon” stop the production of the remaining model in Japan. This revelation has been made through the console’s official product page on Sony’s website, but the tech giant has not specified any exact dates for the same.

However, a Japan-based game shop called Fukuoka has received a notification from Sony which says that shipments for the PS3 will come to an end this March. This means the company is sticking to its ten-year lifecycle plan for its gaming console releases. PS3 was launched back in 2006 and has since received several iterations and game bundles. It turned 10 years old in November last year and will now be put to rest by end of this month. Here’s the gist of the notification (do translate):

If you look at it, Sony has been steadily killing off the PS3 since last year. The company first announced the last gaming title which will be supported on the console, and then followed it with a due date for PS Now support as well (for those aloof, it is August 2017). This is rather justified as the company already has a more advanced and powerful console — PlayStation 4 — in its arsenal.

Sony will soon also stop rolling out updates and backward compatible game titles for the PS3. So, it is time to bid farewell to our good old friend or rather pick one up second-hand from the market.

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