ShilpMIS Technologies, a venture working on AR and VR technology, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding via the IvyCamp platform from digital industry veteran and investor Mr. Puneet Gupta, Nimitt Desai, partner at Deloitte USA, along with other high net-worth individuals.

Commenting on the investment, Puneet Gupta, said,

The opportunity around Immersive experiences led by the VR revolution is at the verge of exponential expansion. The biggest opportunity and the biggest constraint at the same time is the pace at which user generated VR content is created. Today this is restricted to super speciality content firms. Democratising this is what will make the biggest impact on the industry. PPTVR is a very impressive effort towards this goal. In a very short time they have put together a solid foundation. Both the technology and the B2C as well as B2B2C model. I am excited to bet on the team converting this opportunity into excellent returns.

Founded by Hardik Desai and Vivek, ShilpMIS comes around a rather interesting concept. It is a fast growing VR/AR technology venture which aims to empower people to create, consume and spread VR/AR content seamlessly. The company describes itself as the Instagram/PowerPoint of Virtual reality that helps users create and share amazing experiences.

The company’s product —, enables people to create complex VR applications with few clicks of a button. It can be used in a variety of ways to allow wider set of audiences to experience locations, travel, events, photography, products, without writing a single line of code. Even if a user doesn’t have VR hardware, they can still view the content as 360 content on a desktop/smartphone.

Hardik Desai, CEO and founder of the company, said,

In our quest for evolving into a new-age media platform powered by frontier technology such as VR and AR; having someone like Puneet on board is a huge advantage. Puneet brings domain expertise, relevant connects and a wealth of experience. Crowd sourced content is the key to winning the VR market and the best opportunities lie in enabling the masses to create and consume VR easily. Incidentally, the same platform can also double down as the much needed back-end of the highly covered Indian B2C services juggernaut. That is where our technology will scale beautifully going forward. Building a platform allows us the luxury of being B2C and B2B2C, as the need arises.

Puneet Gupta has been rated by Enterprise IT world as among top 100 C-suite leaders that are re-defining the tomorrow using digital. He has over 70 granted and published patents in AI, mobile, IOT and immersive experience spaces. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Brillio. Previously, he worked with Infosys, Lucent Technologies and Bell Labs.

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