Spaceship is an urban logistics startup that offers on-demand, pay-as-you-use storage to help individuals and businesses lessen the costs incurred and optimize their resources. As per an official announcement, it has received investment from Supply Chain Angels (SCAngels), the corporate venture arm of the YCH Group.

SCAngels will be seen providing Spaceship the ecosystem to thrive, giving it access to its contacts, expertise, and infrastructure, expertise.

The startup, exhibiting a potential to disrupt the self-storage industry, aims to optimize both liveable and workable space, leveraging economies of scale and technology to offer cost effective solutions complemented by attractive value-added services.

Consumers and SMEs alike often face the hurdle of expensive or limited space, sub-optimal inventory management and inefficient transport management of their goods. Also, underutilization of available resources is observed, which is why Spaceship wants to enable the effective use of these untapped resources by utilizing technology.

It digitally handles the entire end to end process via the web and mobile applications. From storage materials to transportation, providing a hassle free, customer friendly, experience for their users through this streamlined process, the startup takes care of it all.

Goods are kept in a highly secure facility, and with the exception of fragile items, are insured free of charge against fire and theft. Consumers availing this service simply have to make a click or two to get items returned to their offices or homes.

Yeo Zhi Wei, the founder, and CEO of Spaceship, stated,

Spaceship is excited about the investment from SCAngels. With the investment, we can better enhance our technology stack and product to include features like smart scheduling for fleet management, real time sensors for temperature and humidity and enhanced inventory systems, among others.

He added the team believes, with the new enhancements, they will be able to meet the needs of SMEs and propel their business more swiftly in Singapore and beyond.

SCAngels generally invests in startups that are synergistic and complementary to YCH’s supply chain and logistic business. James Ong, Investment Committee Member at Supply Chain Angels, said,

On-demand storage represents an addressable market in Singapore. Yet, much of this market remains untapped. Spaceship is well-positioned to grow rapidly by bringing its services to SMEs and SOHOs in Singapore.

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