Pocket, the smart bookmarking service has today introduced a new iMessage app extension, the very first update post its acquisition by Mozilla. Through the fresh extension, users can share their favorite stories without the need of closing the messaging app on their iPhones. The feature is quite useful for users who frequent on both the apps. The news was announced today in a blog post stating,

iMessage apps are a fun and useful way to interact with your friends and family without ever leaving the Messages app. Now, with Pocket for iMessage, you can browse and search your saved items in Pocket and seamlessly share them without ever leaving the conversation.We hope you enjoy this fun new way to share articles in Pocket with your friends and family! 

You need to install the app first to facilitate the extension. You can download the app from the iMessage App Store, then open the Manage tab, and enable Pocket. Users who already have the Pocket app installed on their system can easily enable the extension with the iMessage app by tapping apps button> Pocket.

The iMessage extension dismisses the need for copying and pasting the links to the messaging app. You can directly share your saved links and good reads with your friends and groups on the messaging app itself. Although the extension shows the most recent saves by default, you can even browse past lined links and expand the app if required.

The prior attempt to enhance communication and popularity relates to the Recommendation tab, added for the readers in December 2015. However, the latest extension skips a recommendations feed with your friend’s favorite stories or your Pocket profile.

Following the acquisition, Pocket is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Mozilla Corporation and has integrated with its open source project. As far as user experience is concerned, you can expect Pocket to continue as it is. The only major change that occurred was that the service became more uniform across different platforms.

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