Udacity’s mission to provide education for all seems to be turning out to be a great commercial success as well. The success of its programs and the oversubscribed classes are seeing the platform expand again and again. Along the same, the online education platform has announced a slew of new hiring partners along with a couple of brand new nanodegree programs. The announcements were made at the inaugural Udacity Intersect conference.

The two new nanodegree programs include one in robotics and the other in digital marketing. The platform is home for some of the most exciting education in the world at present, including topics like Machine Learning, Big Data, Self-driving cars and so on. As such, robotics and digital marketing are expected to fit right in.

Robotics will require you to have prior knowledge of fields like calculus, linear algebra, stats, basic physics, Python and computer algorithms. So basically, Udacity will be building upon the basics and teaching you how to put everything together.

The Digital Marketing nanodegree program on the other hand, does not require any prior knowledge. And of course, the field is huge. As per data from Udacity, almost $70 Billion is spent on the field in the US alone. Plus, it is rapidly evolving as well.

So whether you are a newb or a well-entrenched professional, the course could be a good way to refresh skills. You can take a look at the trailer video for the Digital Marketing nanodegree program right below:

The programs have a duration of 3 months and have a pretty hefy fees of $1,200. You can apply for the nanodegree programs by April 17th after which, the application process for this term will be closed.

Swinging back to the pre-existing programs, Udacity and Didi have announced a competition that will get students scratching their heads to come up with the best Automated Safety and Awareness Processing Stack (ASAPS) for autonomous vehicles.

The winners of the competition will receive $100,000 and will be allowed to implement their code in Udacity’s actual self-driving vehicle. The competition is slated to open come March, 22nd.

FInally, Udacity has announced 21 new hiring partners who are willing to take up graduates of Udacity’s nanodegree programs. Here is a complete list (Don’t be surprised if you see some familiar names there):




Lockheed Martin




Innovation Works


Fiat Chrysler

Ross Intelligence










IBM Brazil

Telefonica Vivo Brazil

Well, considering the scale and reputation of companies showing an interest in taking up Udacity graduates, the platform must be doing something right.

Udacity said that it was committed to taking up more hiring partners, participating in discussions with them to ensure its curriculum remained industry worthy, and finally, equip its students with ll the skills that could help them get their dream jobs.

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