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Instagram could probably run on auto-pilot where new features and updates are concerned. Just copy whatever Snapchat is doing at the moment. After launching Stories, Instagram is now moving to copy another feature that differentiated Snapchat Stories from others.

Instagram has launched its first geostickers today. The feature will allow users to add illustrations to their stories — illustrations that are actually relevant to their locations and thus, could be used to make stories more exciting and fun.

Instagram Announcing the new feature, Instagram said:

Today, we’re introducing an early version of geostickers in Instagram Stories for New York City and Jakarta. Since introducing stickers in December, we’ve loved seeing how you’ve used them to bring your stories to life — from hats to Valentine’s Day fun to customizable location stickers. Now, with more than a dozen new stickers each for New York City and Jakarta, you have another creative option for adding context to your everyday moments.

As you can see from above, city and neighborhood wide stickers are currently limited to New York City and Jakarta, and are available as part of Instagram Stories’ location stickers.


The company has already rolled out this update globally. Simply update your Instagram to version 10.11 available on both on iOS and Android, and start using Instagram geostickers.

Once you have updated your application, you’ll see geostickers at the top every time you take a photo or video and tap the sticker ico. Of course, that particular location needs to support the feature first.

You may see other stickers appear when you’re visiting select neighborhoods and landmarks — each one is designed to match the vibe of the location it represents.

You can add multiple stickers to a single story, control the sze of ezh sticker and let your creativity come out using a slew of creative tools available at your disposal. Folks watching your story can also tap a geosticker to see the location page itself. Bear in mind though, that your own story will not show up on the location’s page.

Meanwhile, we keep waiting for Instagram to start introducing features that are so obviously not pilfered from elsewhere. The company is taking the whole “taking a leaf out of someone’s book” to a whole new level. With that said though, Instagram’s tactics are bearing solid fruit. The last time we took count, the company had already managed to grab more daily users than Snap for its Stories feature. Something that wasn’t lost on investors as Snap stock went down on the fourth day of its launch.

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