Torrens University’s Media Design School just announced earlier today that it has been officially accredited by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to its new PlayStation First Academic Development Programme. Torrens is now the second Australian educational institution to be accepted into this affiliated programme, joining the AIE, Academy of Interactive Entertainment which was accepted all the way back in 2013.

Getting included in the programme now means that these education providers will be receiving access to PlayStation 4 and Vita’s custom development kits, and “skills to code” for both platforms, according to a press release made from Torrens today. Talking about the same, Darryn Melrose, chief executive of the Media Design School said,

This new endorsement from Sony PlayStation offers our students the opportunity to develop games for the PlayStation platform and is clear evidence of industry recognizing the quality of our programs of study.

Torrens’ Media Design School’s New Zealand campus was accepted to the programme just last year, which Melrose described as “a huge success.” This in turn led to the development of a brand new games studio called Rainbite, which was formed last year consisting of a group of third-year students from the course. Further, Melrose added,

For Australian students looking to spearhead games development at home and overseas, the new accreditation offers a great opportunity to create games for one of the world’s leading platforms.

Enrollments are currently open for the course commencing on June 5, 2017 in the Media Design School campuses in Sydney and Brisbane.

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