Update: The launch was a success fellows. Everything took place without a hitch and United Launch Alliance got the rocket off the ground like clockwork. Meanwhile, it might interest you to know that this was ULA’s 70th launch with the Atlas V, which entered service almost a decade and a half ago.

ULA is a joint venture between Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Boeing Defense, Space & Security. Meanwhile, you can watch a rerun of the launch again right below.

Previously: Who doesn’t love watching rocket launches? I don’t know about you but it gives me an immense feeling of pride whenever I see a rocket takeoff from the earth, shake off the shackles bounding it to the planet and go into the boundless space. The fact that there are private players like SpaceX, United Launch Alliance etc. only adds to the thrill.

It makes me feel like we as a race, have made some serious progress after toiling for the past few thousand years or so. It also makes me feel appreciation for both our insignificance in the vastness of the universe, and our courage in setting out to explore it despite being well aware of it.

So to put it in short, I really like watching rocket launches and I thought you might too. And we are in luck because United Launch Alliance is launching an Atlas V rocket today. The launch window starts from 12:50 PM ET and you can watch it live, right below:

In case you are wondering, the rocket is carrying a satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office. I would  elaborate further but details are pretty scant and the satellite specifics are supposed to be a secret.

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